Brighton & Hove Council

The challenge

Service Matters had worked with Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC) undertaking a Lean review of an operational process. Following on from this, BHCC are looking at developing a Lean programme and embedding Lean within the Housing Service. To do this, it was important for managers and leaders across the service to have an understanding of Lean and how it can be used to drive improvements within the housing sector. This would then enable them to start asking questions about how to establish an effective lean review programme.

What we did

Our team worked with BHCC to understand what outcomes they wanted to achieve from a session on Lean with managers; we then tailored our approach to meet objectives. We delivered a full day course for 12 leaders across the housing service that provided an overview of what Lean is, how it can support to deliver improvements and efficiencies, and challenged them to think about what it means to be a ‘Lean Leader’.


  • Identified real, practical actions managers could take to implement lean leadership within their roles.
  • Created a Lean pledge from service managers about how they were going to demonstrate the 5 points of Lean Leadership.
  • Increased awareness and understanding for managers about Lean and how it can be implemented within the housing environment of a local authority.
  • Provided practical advice and direction about how a lean programme could be created and established.

In their own words...

"The ‘Lean for Leaders’ workshop that Service Matters led has really given us a passion to use the guiding principles of lean leadership.  We particularly recognised that there is much more we can do to work more closely with front-line colleagues, encourage the ideas, and support their ‘lean’ suggestions.

Colleagues who attended found the theoretical models helpful, as well as the practical experience Service Matters shared with us.  Additionally it gave us the opportunity to come together as a group to thoughtfully consider how we wanted to work into the future."

Ododo Dafe, Head of Income, Inclusion and Improvement