Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH)

The challenge

The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) wanted to improve their membership renewal process, to promote cross-working and increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, lowering member effort. They also wanted to train an in-house Lean team who could go on to deliver further Lean reviews.


  1. More time available for member work – 42 day saving per annum
  2. More efficient and quick turnover time for Members – payments in sooner
  3. Member value and more accurate info on records
  4. Less credit notes and errors - increases member value and frees up valuable time in finance and membership.
  5. CRM suppliers made  further changes to the invoice process – saving 36 days per annum
  6. The membership team now create print and email invoices for organisations directly through CRM and no longer have to request copy invoices and printing from finance
  7. Instant responses to customers’ subscription enquiries led to more timely payments and increased cash flow

What we did

  • The team worked in partnership with CIH to carry out a lean review of their membership renewal process
  • A total of 5 workshops were completed with some time between to allow CIH to digest the findings and carry out more detailed measurement work.
  • Parallel to this we trained 4 Green Belts whilst helping them to understand the DMAIC methodology, along with tools and techniques they could use for a process review.
  • All of the CIH Leadership team were trained in “Lean for Leaders” embedding Lean fully into the organisation
  • We tailored the training around CIH, identifying the level of training they wanted within their budget.

In their own words…

“It has been an enjoyable process and I can personally say I am looking forward to developing my Greenbelt skills further. The overall training approach worked really well as it was a good balance between tutorial and practical elements”

“Elly’s flexible approach really helped and her encouragement w as really useful, well pitched and constructive.  The whole approach is very inclusive and encourages workshop delegates to engage in the process and allows for individual difference”

“The workshops are empowering for staff and teams and is also a good way for breaking down barriers across teams.  It was fun”