Clanmil Housing Association (1)

The challenge

Clanmil Housing wanted to improve their income management process, increasing efficiency and instil a culture of “rent first” across their organisation, where staff and tenants understood the importance of paying their rent as a priority. They also wanted to promote and support sustainable tenancies for their customers. They also wanted guidance on how to cope with external factors which would have an impact such as Welfare reform. Our team of trusted advisors were on hand to offer them support.

The results

  • Earlier money advice referrals
  • Less arrears letters being sent reducing cost
  • More personal contact  by tenant’s preferred method introduced
  • Efficiency savings in process
  • An emphasis  on shift to smaller arrears/accounts to prevent future arrears
  • Collecting 2 weeks rent at sign-up to create rent first culture

What we did 

  • The team worked in partnership with Clanmil to carry out a lean review of their income recovery process, and also completed customer journey mapping exercises directly with Clanmil’s tenants.
  • A total of 5 workshops were completed with some time between to allow Clanmil to digest the findings and carry out more detailed measurement work.
  • Parallel to this we trained 4 Green Belts whilst helping them to understand the DMAIC methodology, along with tools and techniques they could use for a process review. 
  • We tailored the training around Clanmil, identifying the level of training they wanted within their budget.