Cross Keys Homes

The challenge

Cross Keys had a requirement for a good internal audit service to support the internal controls they were putting in place following a stock transfer. They approached us as they needed a reliable and creative internal audit resource to support their business objectives.

The results

  • System of internal controls were strengthened
  • Best practice in delivering a secure and efficient system of internal control and monitoring was achieved
  • Delivered housing sector specific expertise
  • Implemented best practice risk management and value for money

What we did

We helped Cross KeysHomes to focus on key areas of potential weakness in internal control and particularly helped them with their first published board reports on internal control.

In their own words

"We had previously been impressed with the service advertised by Service Matters and especially the benefit of using fully qualified auditors exclusively experienced in housing."

"We have tendered our internal audit services on two occasions and each time we have appointed Service Matters. In doing so, we have gained the benefit of working with a larger organisation in the sector with better knowledge than us of best practice in a range of areas including risk management and value for money."

"The main benefit has been reassurance that what we were doing was largely good practice and secure."