Greater London Authority

The challenge

With a new Mayor and an increased focus on maximising genuinely affordable housing the Greater London Authority (GLA) wanted to review its contracting process for its Housing Zones programme.
Service Matters' free health check offered an ideal way to start this process with a facilitated session involving people from all teams involved in Housing Zones.

The results

All participants in the workshop were positive about the experience which allowed them to look at the contracting process in a different light and to consider how best to work together. This will result in faster contracting, faster delivery and ultimately more homes built for the Londoners who need them.

The only negative feedback was that everyone wanted to have more time with the Service Matters team! As a result the GLA have now procured additional work from Service Matters to review a number of other processes in relation to Housing Zones and to obtain feedback from stakeholders involved in the programme. 

What we did

The initial health check session lasted a day, expertly facilitated by Service Matters' Marie and Elly. Initial feedback was provided on the day to GLA senior management with a follow-up report summarising the findings and recommending next steps.

The outcome of the initial session identified a number of areas where greater up-front planning will result in faster contracting. Whilst Housing Zones are an innovative and fast-paced programme an objective look at processes made clear that operating with less haste would result in greater speed.

In their own words...

"Service Matters provided excellent facilitation to an internal workshop, offering us many insights into how our Housing Zones programme could be optimised."

"Staff feedback on the session was so positive that we are now going to be using Service Matters to deliver a number of other sessions and to obtain external customer feedback."

Jamie Ratcliff, Assistant Director - Programme, Policy & Services Housing & Land Directorate Greater London Authority