Greenfields Community Housing Ltd.

The challenge

Greenfields Community Housing appointed us as their Internal Auditors. We were asked to improve working relationships between managers and internal audit.

Results (In their words…)

“The relationship with Service Matters has made some distinct improvements to Greenfields Community Housing. Before the contract was set up we functioned with our own team of internal auditors. Managers were fearful of internal audit and this proved to be an unproductive relationship.”
“The biggest benefit has been the culture change that has been implemented as a result of the partnership. Teamwork is now widespread throughout the organisation and colleagues are now displaying a keen willingness to work with audit.”

What we did

Our team of Internal Audit experts worked with Greenfields to improve the quality and cost of their offer during a tender exercise of 5 organisations.
In their own words…
“The actual work itself has made recommendations that have improved the way we work. Manager’s approaches and acceptances to internal audit is now far more open and productive – the rate they implement recommendations."
"The willingness to work with audit now means that there is much less audit recommendations. Managers work quickly and to best of their resource.Managers are also working at a quicker rate to implement recommendations before a follow-up audit."
"The whole approach to auditors & recommendations has made a big difference to the operations of Greenfields. The cultural change is the single most important thing. Managers now rejoice the relationship with auditors and recommendations are implemented faster.”