Orbit - Procurement

The challenge

Orbit were not procuring consistently. This was having an impact on both value for money, customer satisfaction and the bottom line. They were looking for an innovative commercial approach to procurement that embraces category management, spend analysis, social value and e-tendering, so they created the Service Matters Procurement division to provide trusted advice within the organisation.

The results

  • Saved over £10m in cashable procurement savings since 2006
  • Delivered social value outcomes

What we did

We didn’t want to just save money if that meant getting a worse service… it’s about getting good, reliable services and building added value.

We embarked on a programme of procurement projects that gave assurance that Orbit were buying trusted products and services that supported both business and customer service drivers.

We worked with Orbit to create a procurement strategy, policies and procedures that represented best practice purchasing whilst supporting Orbit’s 2020 Vision.

We also started providing procurement services for other social landlords; this helped us to improve the service for both internal and external customers – it also helped our staff gain valuable commercial expertise.

In their own words…

“This demonstrates what can be achieved when Orbit works together in a disciplined way. Whilst the procurement team leads on projects it is only through the involvement of staff and our residents we have been this successful.”

Paul Tennant, CEO, Orbit