Orbit - Business Improvement

The challenge

To create a repairs process that was standard across the differing regional areas, improve the Right First Time response for customers, reduce chaser calls and increase customer satisfaction.


  • £279,721 per annum saving on reduction in chase calls to CSC
  • A single Orbit process was developed
  • Increasing the Right First Time response within the CSC by 21%
  • Reducing the average number of formal complaints from 28 to 5
  • Follow-on-work for primary contractors booked whilst on site with the customer which supported a reduction in chase up calls from the customer resulting in a £19,000 efficiency saving
  • Trained 7 yellow belts

What we did

We mapped, measured and improved 2 different repairs using a cross-functional team including external contractors, and created one process that all regions agreed to. Parallel to this we trained 7 Yellow belts in the core tools and techniques which they use day-to-day; to make incremental, continuous improvements within their teams and processes.
We did this whilst helping them to understand the DMAIC methodology, along with tools and techniques they could use for a process review. We delivered a total of 12 days consultancy and reviewed one process.

In their own words…

“It was good to have a focused plan to move forward with and have a goal.
It offered opportunities for involving customers in shaping the future service.
An enjoyable process of hard bargaining, partnership working and consensus resulting in a deliverable plan.”