Radcliffe Housing Society

The challenge

Radcliffe are a smaller housing association and recognised that their voids procedure could be improved when compared to the best performers in their benchmark group.   

The results

Working with Radcliffe, we identified paper based processes that could be electronic; how they could improve communication with contractors to get work done and handle keys; and lastly to be more pro-active and use digital communication to contact and inform prospective tenants. All in just half a day!

What we did 

Radcliffe wanted to go back to basics to see if they could strip out any unnecessary processes and stages; hence their decision to take up the consultancy offer from Service Matters  to apply lean principles to improve performance and reduce costs.  We worked with them to understand what it was they wnated out of the day. We worked with a team of 6-8 staff members and realised some quick wins and long term improvements they could take away from the day. 

In their own words

" It really gave us ideas on how we can improve and work better"

"A really useful and thought provoking session"

Nigel Wood, FCIH, MBA, Chief Executive