Staffordshire Housing

The challenge

Staffordshire Housing wanted to look at a fresh approach to Lean Business Improvement after they completed their own internal reviews which had not had the impact they desired. They also wanted guidance on how to cope with external factors which would have a massive impact on Staffordshire Housing such as Welfare reform. 
Our team of trusted advisors were on hand to offer them support.

The results

• A more proactive approach to pre- tenancy activity by the income team
• Improved and more effective use of different contact methods based on customer needs
• Improved Direct Debit take up
• Improved self-service options for customers

What we did

The team worked in partnership with Staffordshire Housing to carry out a lean review of their customer journey especially in the context of Universal Credit and how that changed the relationship with their customers.
They set aside one day a month to work with our team to achieve this. This allowed them to keep to strict deadlines and set appropriate targets to ensure the suggested changes happened.
The techniques allowed Staffordshire Housing  to implement change, embed  changes across their organisation and continue to review and monitor the effectiveness of the changes.

In their own words…

“Service is more effective and more efficient. We have streamlined the way we work and adopted new methods and best practice. Performance has improved which has generated savings. We have now focused the service on key target groups to make it more effective. We have also learned lean techniques and now have staff trained in these processes following the work with Service Matters.”