Tai Calon

The challenge

In late 2010 the Service Matters procurement Team won the contract to provide procurement services to Tai Calon in Wales. Tai Calon Community Housing was launched in July 2010 and is the largest social landlord in Blaenau Gwent. It was created after tenants of Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council voted in favour of their homes being transferred to Tai Calon.

The objective was to select a range of contractors to install Kitchens, Bathrooms and Rewires in 4,400 properties. Because Tai Calon is in an area of high deprivation the objective was to select up to 9 contractors including SME’s to deliver the improvements to properties. Given the value this tender was carried out in line with EU public contract regulations.

The results

  • Created social value opportunities
  • Worked with local SME providers
  • Engaged suppliers and residents
  • Support from Procurement team

What we did

We started the exercise by working with Tai Calon to ensure local contractors were fully aware of the opportunity. An event was organised whereby local contractors were able to attend a 8:30a.m. Breakfast meeting to listen to Tai Calon’s plans. Afterwards we explained the tender process to potential suppliers and provided a hints and tips session on good tendering practice. To ensure there was no loss of a working day the event was finished by 10:00a.m.

The contract for installation was divided into 9 different Lots; with larger contractors only able to bid for one Lot only. This left local contractors to tender for the remaining Lots which were of various sizes. We still took account of Health & Safety, E&D and Insurance needs ensuring requirements were proportionate to the Lot being applied for.

During the tender stage Tenants were trained to assess written submissions and interviewed each of the contractors invited through to an interview stage. At the end of the process 9 full contracts were let, many to small SME providers.

For the Kitchen materials contract Tai Calon accessed the Cirrus Framework, which was free to Tai Calon and a mini competition was held for all of the kitchen providers on the framework. Residents were involved in the selection of the providers; with the final 4 providers demonstrating their designs and options at a kitchen event where over 600 residents turned up to view the options. At the end of the process Tai Calon appointed Richmond and Symphony to provide Kitchen Materials over the next 4 years subject to satisfactory performance.