[Blog] How you can get ready for the HCA’s newly strengthened approach to VfM and Efficiency

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The HCA have announced a tougher approach to VfM as two new reports focus on efficiency in the housing sector.

The reports highlight unexplained cost variations for organisations in the sector and provide an informed and useful picture of efficiency.

Landlords found to have high operating costs will now have to answer questions from the HCA. The regulator will ask boards how they ensure efficiency and check that resources are used in a cost-effective way.

The first report, which was prepared by HouseMark for the National Housing Federation, provides an in-depth look at the industry and its work to cut costs whilst improving services.

The second was published by the HCA and provided analysis of the difference in operating costs between the 350 largest housing associations. The report found no clear link between the size of an organisation and lower running costs.

Both reports are published at a time of unprecedented merger activity in the sector, with organisations looking to combine operations and cultures to improve efficiency.

Among the key findings of both reports were:

  • Overheads as a percentage of turnover have reduced from 13.6% to 11.8% between 2008/09 and 2014/15
  • Repair costs decreased by 12.1%, and repair times have slightly declined
  • Housing management costs have decreased by 0.6%
  • 50% of organisations’ differences in costs can be left unexplained (due to differences in efficiency)
  • The costs per unit have fallen slightly to £3,550 over five years.

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