[Blog] What is transformation in housing?

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Transformation is the most talked about housing sector term of 2017. But what does transformation actually mean for housing professionals? How has it evolved from having a number of corporate targets involving things like building homes and digital self-serve? What’s its impact on customers and staff? 

Through our the State of Transformation in Housing survey we have so far asked 56 housing professionals what transformation means to them. Below is an early snapshot of the results ahead of the survey closing.

Transformation Donut

  • 85.71% said it is “A coordinated programme that enables a step change in performance”.
  • 30.36% said it is a series of efficiency projects. 
  • 30.36% said is lean process reviews.
  • 41.07% said it is digital systems shift.
  • 32.14% said it is organisational restructure
  • 1.79% (or 1 person) said it is the latest fad in housing.

Here are some of the responses in their own words. We found 3 common themes that can help your business understand exactly what transformation is. 

Organisational focused

The changing of the overall culture of a business to embrace change as a positive and for all colleagues to drive that change.

Improving ways of working and productivity

A controlled intervention designed to create a paradigm shift an organisation from one state of operations ('as is' or current state) to significantly different shared vision of operation ('to be' or future state)

A clear understanding of the most important things you need to do and finding ways of doing those things well 

A clear understanding of the most important things you need to do and finding ways of doing those things well

Enabling us to be easier to do business with

A reassessment of our organisations operating model with subsequent planning and mobilisation of that plan to deploy it.

An opportunity to look at process from a lean perspective whilst keeping an eye to the corporate strategy and the direction of the business going forward

Involving all elements of the business, challenging the existing state and future proofing the way services are delivered

People focused

All about success and people

Primarily it means ensuring all staff work as one, to the values of the business using the correct behaviours while working towards our purpose and vision

Coaching staff of all levels to see what is possible to redesign services

Customer focused 

An opportunity to truly refine and improve what we do for our customers. 

Making it easy for our customers to do business with us

Changing to keep delivering customer focused, value for money services in a fast changing environment. 

Making things easier for our customers

The final one probably fits in all of the above common themes: Creating an organisation which can respond to the future by ensuring that people feel confident, powerful and engaged because we have systems, processes and a culture which supports them and excites them

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