[PDF] The State of Procurement in Housing Study

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As the sector's operating environment continues to change and the need for both efficiency and commerciality increases, has your procurement function adapted sufficiently enough to be aligned with your business and transformation plans?

Our report analyses survey data on exactly that and offers an insight into how procurement can be effectively delivered in line with future business plans. It focuses on how to achieve transformational efficiency, in order to better support your organisation in the currently volatile and ever-changing environment of housing.

Gary Stephens, Procurement and Facilities Director at Orbit said, “To deliver greater efficiency, your procurement function needs to achieve innovation, quality and value for money. Your team needs to be proactive in their approach and operate in a way that can support changes in a complex environment. It is important to have early involvement in procurement projects and be in a position to influence decisions that could have an effect on the organisations procurement strategy.”

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