Business Improvement

Business Improvement for housing

Shaping processes to deliver value for money in housing

Business Improvement and Lean Systems are becoming increasingly critical in helping social landlords to deliver culture change and services that are value for money, customer focused and sustainable.

Working in partnership with you, we will get to know your business and objectives, enabling us to improve your systems and processes. Our trusted advisors have considerable experience in delivering business improvement and Lean systems to the housing sector and have worked with a multitude of housing associations, achieving results time after time.

Social Purpose, Commercial Approach

Our experts are aware of the issues facing your front-line staff and understand how Business Improvement needs to be tailored to reflect the social housing sector operating environment; our customers are unique.

We work in partnership with you and your team to identify and solve operational problems that your organisation is facing today; including reduction of waste in areas like voids, collecting income or repairs. We then continue to work with you to create a new, improved process, detailing actions for improvements and how to implement and monitor your action plan. It is important to emphasise, our training will always be tailored around you and your organisation, that way we can achieve maximum results and exceed your objectives.

Our Business Improvement Consultancy and Training services are tailored for social landlord’s looking to:

  • Receive support on actual live projects to add value – not just training and coaching
  • Enable your staff to effectively deal with the cultural transition of Lean improvements
  • Reduce costs and deliver efficiency savings
  • Improve customer satisfaction and performance against KPI's
  • Increase staff morale and engagement

Lean for Leaders training (Half day course)                         

Equips Leaders at any management level with the skills to explain the philosophy and practice of Business Improvement implementation to their staff.

Explains the role of Leaders in driving a continuous improvement programme as well as an overview of some of the tools and techniques used. 

Shows Strategic Lean Development.

Problem Solving (Full day course)

Introduces 10 simple-to-use practical tools and techniques for solving problems in a fun and engaging way and ensure staff at all levels are able to implement them to deliver improvements in activities they are involved in.

Standardisation, Process Confirmation and Error -proofing (Full day course)

Explores why standardisation is so important to the efficient delivery of services and our ability to improve them.

Discusses how process confirmation can be used as a tool to validate implementation of a process and identify waste and opportunities for improvement.

Introduces the concept of Error Proofing, or 'Poke Yoke' and how it can help reduce waste in a process.

Yellow Belt Level (Half day course)

Intro to Continuous Improvement & Lean Techniques

  • Defines what is meant by continuous improvement

  • Outlines the core tools and techniques which can be used day-to-day; to make incremental, continuous improvements within your own team and processes you operate

Certification lasts for a year, after which you have to demonstrate how you have made improvements to retain.

Using Data and Information to Support Business Improvements (Full day course)

Equips staff with an understanding of how to use data effectively to identify opportunities for improvement, plan improvement projects effectively and then measure benefits and improvements

Outlines some core tools and techniques for data collection, measurement and benefit tracking.

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