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Transform you business with help from our housing transformation experts

Achieve - and exceed - you transformational goals with help from our expert trusted advisors. We'll partner with you to understand your transformational goals and help you get the results you want fast.

Having a vision for transformation is not enough - we will help you to proactively develop the internal capactity required to implement change fast and effectively.

As a division of Orbit Group we understand the challenges you're facing, because we've live and breath the same operating environment. We know all about the need for landlords to transform and become more commercial, efficient and adaptable in their operations. We know that as a senior leader you're being asked to deliver more, from fewer resources.

We have extensive experience in developing and implementing transformational change within the housing sector. We'll help you to rethink and redesign your vision and your business.

Establishing the case for change

Put the why before the what. Our approach is to help you to build the business case for investment, resource and change by helping you to recognise how things currently operate and the barriers existing ways of working have on business objectives.

Our trusted advisors have delivered transformation for organisations such as Orbit, Karbon Homes, Housing Services Corporation - and we can share this knowledge with you. We'll advise on how you can generate engagement, buy-in and momentum for organisational changes whilst ensuring that discussions around the future of the business are based on a clear understanding of gaps and opportunities of existing delivery models and approaches.

Redefining the vision

Start as you mean to go on - and be a sector leader - with a transformation strategy that gets everyone engaged. We will work with you to create the clear vision of what you want to achieve over time. This will provide the focus, inspiration, direction and guidance for all staff and enable them to understand how their efforts support your future ambitions.

We'll help you to redefine a vision with an understanding of barriers and drivers for change to bring clarity, innovation and a high level future description of the organisation to work towards.

To enable successful organisation-wide transformation, it is vital to have a clear, communicated and agreed vision for the business and a framework within which all change, improvement and transformation can operate. By building on an understanding of the challenges and limitations of existing ways of working, a high level description of the organisation can be developed.

Service alignment and design

Have a vision for transformation is all well and good, but without service design thinking you can only go so far. We'll support you to build on an organisational ambition and vision for the future, aligning service visions and plans behind this ensures successful, joined-up transformation.

Translating organisational goals into services that work is a challenge as principles and operating models meet day-to-day challenges. The third phase in establishing transformation is to work closely with key operational teams, at a senior and front-line level to challenge and guide teams to create an effective and efficient service to aligns to other services can is implementable within business strategies such as IT, Data and Organisational Development. 

Housing Transformer and Executive coaching and mentoring

We recognise that working through transformation is not always straightforward. Our approach is to work with your management teams and frontline staff to provide support, both at a strategic level, and with the really practical elements of transformation. Being part of Orbit means that our team know what it is like to experience and live the transformation journey ourselves. The housing organisations we have worked with say that this has been a significant benefit to them as we have coached and mentored them through their journey.

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