Fraud Management

Fraud Management

Managing fraud within the housing sector

Our fraud management for housing services will help you to prevent the devastating impact of fraud on your social housing organisation.

With more than 50,000 social homes being occupied unlawfully and individuals targeting landlords with increasingly cunning scams it’s more important than ever to focus on the role of fraud management.

Our fraud services have been developed by social housing experts who understand what is required to effectively manage fraudulent activities within a social housing organisation. We’ll work to establish an important culture that embraces ethics, honesty and integrity.

We’ll work with management teams to produce and deliver anti-fraud strategies, as well as evaluating existing controls used to detect or mitigate fraud. We also evaluate our customers’ assessments of fraud risk to determine whether it may be appropriate to undertake fraud investigations, in preparation for any further action.

Fraud Investigations

Need support during a crisis? We’ll work with you with minimal disruption to your business activity to detect, measure and manage known cases of fraud. We do this by conducting thorough investigations. We’ll provide trusted advice on how to work with the regulator whilst providing evidence to support recovery of losses and prosecution.

Fraud Awareness Training and Coaching

Looking to engage your workforce and raise awareness on how to detect and report fraudulent activities? It is essential that front-staff are fully trained in order to spot fraud and implement robust controls. Our bespoke training and coaching solution will give you and your organisation all you need to effectively reduce fraud.

Fraud risk assessments

We'll work with you to highlight risks and strengthen your ability for prevention and detection of fraud. We may even identify cost savings as part of the assessment.

Fraud management strategy, process review and design

Working with you to develop a robust strategy for prevention, detection and management of fraud in a manner consistent with regulatory requirements and your business objectives.

Fraud data mining

We'll also help you to proactively detect and prevent fraud through data mining and analysis. More and more organisations are mining their data to prevent fraud and create a competitive advantage. Can you afford to neglect this area?

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