Specialist, tailored Insurance consultancy solutions for housing

We can help you to reduce the cost and impact of insurance claims

As your number of claims increases, so will your premiums. So we have created money savings solutions to manage exposure and engage and empower your workforce.

In today’s environment, it takes a combination of strategic advice and innovative solutions to manage risk and ensure business resiliency.  Service Matters will provide you with the tools you need to deliver these solutions and reap the benefits.  We can help you manage, collect, analyse, and report on the data and workflow associated with risk, insurance, claims, and legal matters within your organisation. 

Claims Defensibility

Having solid procedures in place is vital for you to successfully defend a claim when the need arises.  Claims defensibility can manage risk downwards and reduce the amount and severity of claims. Reduced claims costs and loss ratio’s reduces premiums.

Our claims defensibility review provides multiple benefits to you, including:

  • Identifying improvements in your policy, systems, accident reporting and investigation procedures
  • Effectively managing systems and documents to improve the prospects of arguing contributory negligence, and helping to avoid expensive legal proceedings
  • Improved claims handling and management process to help facilitate a reduction in the time taken to formulate and submit claims information that can lead to reduced costs

Coaching, Mentoring and Upskilling

We will work with you to identify areas where support is required which will provide you with the greatest return. This initial strategy can be developed into a long term strategy which can be rolled out across other business areas to deliver:

  • Effective and efficient workforce with higher employee retention
  • Competitive advantage with more skilled and well-performing employees
  • Increased skill set and knowledge levels of the people
  • Greater chances of attaining goals
  • Succession planning
  • Full utilisation of human resources
  • Enhancement of communication within the organization
  • Strengthening of company culture and ethics

Insurance Tender and Mid Term Review

We will share insurance market knowledge and sector expertise to ensure you achieve a successful insurance tender exercise by, but not limited to:

  • Pre agreeing a clear and defined market strategy
  • Ensuring that you are marketed as an attractive risk
  • Managing the OJEU process with you
  • Ensuring the program design is fit for purpose
  • Managing the bursary process in your best interests 

We can provide you with confidence that you are receiving the best premiums and services by reviewing your services mid term by, but not limited to:

  • Independent and impartial appraisal of existing services
  • Current insurers/brokers have opportunities to amend/change their services to better suit your needs
  • Performance standards to allow you to benchmark and monitor your current service providers
  • A back office initial advice service to provide email and telephone support as live time issues arise

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