Risk Management

Risk Management

Managing today's risks in the housing sector

Want reassurance that you are following HCA regulations whilst coping with dwindling budgets ?

Want reassurance you are following HCA regulations whilst coping with dwindling budgets ? Feel there is more you could be doing to mitigate and manage risk in a growing commercially minded sector?

We have been advising our customers for over a decade and work in partnership with them in developing and implementing risk management strategies that are tailored to their needs.

Reviewing and developing bespoke Risk Management strategies

Focusing on your business objectives, we'll work with you to develop, agree and implement robust risk management strategies.

Risk Management audit health check

Our team of senior Auditors will link your audit function to your overall risk management framework. This will provide assurance to the board that risk management is effective and robust.

Training and Coaching

We offer training sessions that help customers manage risk in a cost-effective way, that in turn embeds local ownership of issues as well as raising awareness across their business.

  • Risk Management Maturity Assessment
  • Working with an organisation to develop their Risk Appetite
  • Deliver Risk Management Training to Board/Committee members, Executive and Senior Management.

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