Leading training courses for housing professionals

Our training courses cover a wide and varied area and are run by experienced trusted advisors sharing their expertise, knowledge and advice. As a division of Orbit, we offer a wealth of experience at the forefront of the housing sector. Service Matters is perfectly placed to engage and develop your teams to adapt to the needs of the ever-changing housing sector.

Business Improvement and Lean Training & Coaching

Our Lean business improvement training and coaching partnerships effectively mix all three elements of training, coaching and professional service delivery. We work in partnership with you and your team to identify and solve operational problems that your organisation is facing today whilst giving your staff the chance to achieve extra certifications.

  • Introduction to Continuous Improvement and Lean Techniques: Yellow belt level (1-2 day course)
  • Advanced Continuous Improvement and Lean Techniques: Green belt level (2-3 day course)
  • Business Improvement/ Lean for leaders in driving Business Improvement in your organisation (1/2 day course)

Procurement Training and Guidance

We assist your staff by making sure they have the right level of knowledge, depending on their role, to make informed purchasing decisions. We will tailor our training courses to assist with achieving basic compliance right up to those who have a budgetary responsibility and who carry our procurement activities on a regular basis.

  • An introduction to procurement (1/2 day)
  • Contract management (1/2 day)
  • Tendering procedures (2 days)
  • EU procurement directives (1/2 day)
  • What is Social value, and how do you incorporate it into a procurement exercise?

 Fraud Awareness Training & Coaching

Looking to engage your workforce and raise awareness on how to detect and report fraudulent activities? It is essential that front-staff are fully trained in order to spot fraud and implement robust controls. Our bespoke training and coaching solution will give you and your organisation all you need to effectively reduce fraud.

  • Fraud risk assessments
  • Using a fraud risk assessment tool to identify fraud in your organisation
  • Fraud management strategy, process review and design       
  • Fraud data mining

Information Governance Bespoke Classroom Training

We all absorb information in different ways and at different speeds. That’s why we also offer interactive bespoke classroom training to help you on the way to being secure.

Internal Audit Training & Coaching

Bite size training (Max 2 Hours) for Senior Management Team and Board / Committee members from the following list:

  • What is internal audit and the role of Audit Committee?
  • What is effective risk management for a housing association?
  • How does the Board receive overall assurance?

Risk Management Training and Coaching

We offer training sessions that help customers manage risk in a cost-effective way, that in turn embeds local ownership of issues as well as raising awareness across their business.

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